Members of the 47th Ward’s Green Council

  1. Pete Leki, ecology director at Waters School and lead organizer of Riverbank Neighbors, C3 Leader
  2. Kevin Anderson, C3 Leader, co-organizer of Riverbank Neighbors and Beyond Today
  3. Nancy Benjamin, Master Gardener, organizer of the Lincoln Square Garden Walk
  4. Julie Hochstadter of the Chainlink
  5. Ken Cluskey of MyGen
  6. Theresa Hicks, Tree Keeper
  7. Andres Hernandez, C3 Leader
  8. Scott Schechter, of The Foresign Design Initiative
  9. Aaron Durnbaugh, Sustainability Director at Loyola
  10. Ashley Craig of Willdan Energy Solutions, formerly of The Environmental Law and Policy Center
  11. Ryan Chew of Chicago River Canoe & Kayak
  12. Matt Nardella of Moss Design, an architecture studio
  13. Rich Mazzuza Green Consultant with LEED, Archictecture, and other certifications and expertise
  14. Ruth Kerzee of Safer Pest Control Project
  15. Elizabeth Wenscott of the North Center Neighborhood Association Garden Project and the Greening of Northcenter Neighborhood Blog
  16. Steve Christy Landscape Architect, Planning
  17. Mike Piskur – Council of Great Lakes Governors, formerly of the Delta Institite
  18. Sarah Abu-Absi, formerly WRD Environmental for the Chicago Dept of Environment, C3 Leader
  19. Isabel Schechter, Green Event Organizer
  20. Jerry Jaecks of Riverbank Neighbors and Waters Garden
  21. Chuck VonDrehle of PV Power
  22. Jim Doyiakos, Science Teacher at Amundsen, C3 Leader
  23. Eli Suzukovich III, Anthropologist and Post-Doctoral Fellow at Northwestern
    University and Urban Ecology Facilitator at the American Indian Center
  24. Tom Jacks, consultant to the City of Chicago on environmental policies and programs through Global Philanthropy Partnership
  25. Sarah Wochos of The Environmental Law and Policy Center
  26. Julie Peterson of Riverbank Neighbors, Waters Garden, C3 Leader, and Beyond Today
  27. Ernie Constantino, 47th Ward Alderman Pawar’s Office
  28. Marissa Strassel, Strassel CreativeC3 Leader


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