Past meetings and special presentations 

April 2021: Community choice energy aggregation |  Recording

March 2021: Rep. Ann Williams and the Clean Energy Jobs Act | Recording     

March 2021: Native Plant Sale Info Session | Recording

February 2021: Delta Institute, Chicago Recycling Coalition | Recording  

January 2021: Angela Tovar, Chief Sustainability Officer, City of Chicago  | Recording  

December 2020: Colleen Smith, Illinois Environmental Council | Recording 

July 2021: Environment Budget Town Hall | Presentation (To come)

June 2020: Slow Streets and Sustainable Transportation Post-Pandemic | Recording             

March 2020: Organizing for Plastics Alternatives (To come) 

February 2020: Field Museum on native plants | Presentation (To come)  

January 2020: Chicago Recycling Coalition | Presentation (To come)  

December 2019: Chicago Region Tree Initiative | Presentation (saved in GC Communication folder)

November 2019: Extinction Rebellion