The Green Council of the 47th Ward issued the following statment, declaring recognition of the Climate Emergency and committing to addressing the Climate Emergency as the primary focus and reason for all of our work.

Today we face an existential crisis. Carbon pollution is causing the warming of average global temperatures, leading to increased and intensifying wildfires, floods, rising seas, diseases, droughts, and extreme weather. Scientists at the United Nations have warned that limiting warming to even the dangerous level of 1.5 degrees Celsius will require an unprecedented transformation of every sector of the global economy by 2030. Restoring a safe and stable climate requires an emergency mobilization on a scale not seen since World War II in order to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Therefore we, the Ward 47 Green Council, declare that a climate and ecological emergency threatens our ward, city, state, nation, civilization, humanity and the natural world. We commit to a mobilization effort to reverse global warming and the ecological crisis. We strongly encourage community organizations and individuals within the ward and the wider city to similarly declare a climate emergency and to act accordingly.”

The Green Council of the 47th Ward brings together environmental experts and leaders with the residents of the ward to work toward this purpose, directly and through supporting projects.